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A symphonic  evening of folk anthems of the '70s

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Atlanta Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony

Cleveland Orchestra, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Dayton Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony

Des Moines Symphony, Edmonton Symphony, Florida Orchestra, Fort Wayne Philharmonic 

Grand Rapids Symphony, Greensboro Symphony, Houston Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony

Jacksonville Symphony, Kansas City Symphony, Knoxville Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony 

Naples Philharmonic, Nashville Symphony, New Haven Symphony, Omaha Symphony

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Ottawa Symphony, Philly Pops , Pittsburgh Symphony           Reading Symphony, San Antonio Symphony, Sarasota Orchestra, Stockton Symphony

Seattle Symphony, St. Louis Symphony, Toronto Symphony, Vancouver  Symphony

Virginia Symphony, Wichita Symphony, Winnipeg Symphony

Atlanta Symphony

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Calgary Symphony

Cincinnati Symphony

Cleveland Orchestra

Colorado Springs Philharmonic

Dayton Philharmonic

Detroit Symphony

Des Moines Symphony

Edmonton Symphony

Florida Orchestra

Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra

Grand Rapids Symphony

Greensboro Symphony

Houston Symphony

Indianapolis Symphony

Jacksonville Symphony

Kansas City Symphony

Knoxville Symphony

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Naples Philharmonic

Nashville Symphony

New Haven Symphony

Omaha Symphony

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Ottawa Symphony

Philly Pops 

Pittsburgh Symphony                      

Reading Symphony

San Antonio Symphony

Sarasota Orchestra

Stockton Symphony

Seattle Symphony

St. Louis Symphony

Toronto Symphony

Vancouver  Symphony

Virginia Symphony

Wichita Symphony

Winnipeg Symphony

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Swearingen & Kelli faithfully recreate the magic of the '70s classic folk-anthems.

The show is a symphonic journey back in time to the memories of a great music era  

including songs by Jim Croce, James Taylor, Carole King, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and many more. 

This show has been a wonderful success in the US and Canada, performing with

The Cleveland Orchestra (6,000+), The Dayton Philharmonic (2,000+)

The Edmonton Symphony (SOLD OUT), The Omaha Symphony (SOLD OUT)

The Buffalo Philharmonic (SOLD OUT), The Stockton Symphony (SOLD OUT)

The Milwaukee Symphony (2,000+), The New Haven Symphony (SOLD OUT) 

Sarasota Pops (over 3,000 people at each show)

"I mean, it’s that harmony. When you hear a duo that is really singing together–and by that I mean listening as much as anything else–it’s a special and unique sound."

- Red Line Roots on Swearingen and Kelli


615-682-3613 /

Swearingen & Kelli have performed together and separately with:

Atlanta Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony

Cleveland Orchestra, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Dayton Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony

Des Moines Symphony, Edmonton Symphony, Florida Orchestra, Fort Wayne Philharmonic 

Grand Rapids Symphony, Greensboro Symphony, Houston Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony

Jacksonville Symphony, Kansas City Symphony, Knoxville Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony 

Naples Philharmonic, Nashville Symphony, New Haven Symphony, Omaha Symphony

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Ottawa Symphony, Philly Pops , Pittsburgh Symphony

Reading Symphony, San Antonio Symphony, Sarasota Orchestra, Stockton Symphony

Seattle Symphony, St. Louis Symphony, Toronto Symphony, Vancouver  Symphony

Virginia Symphony, Wichita Symphony, Winnipeg Symphony

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